Meet the team

First Aid Works... The workers!

Meet the team who you will be dealing with and trained by:


Welcome! I’m the boss! Well I like to think so? As an ex paramedic and healthcare professional I formed the company in 2005. Since then it has grown and gone from strength to strength. My main focus is on the delivery of high standards of training in a bright and enthusiastic way, improving our handouts and delegate notes are examples of where we have progressed more than most. Continued investment in our staff and company’s accessibility are investments we will continually make.


Hi, I’m the Business Development Manager here at First Aid Works, and there’s a good chance that you’ll chat to me when you give us a call to arrange your training. True to my title I will do everything I can to ensure your courses are delivered just the way, and when you want them, I have even arranged for them to be delivered on night shifts! If that’s what you need? See... I’m always happy to help.


Hello, it’s me you need to speak to regarding any administration questions or booking needs you may have. As the administration Manager I’ll ensure your course is confirmed, certificates are sent out in good time and you receive timely reminders when they are about to expire! All I ask is that you settle your account in good time?


I’m the wisdom within the group, and steady the ship in the South East! I have over 50 years experience as a Healthcare Professional and have spent a lot of that time working for the national rail network. I may be a little older in years but still very young in enthusiasm. I am always delighted to be able to pass on the knowledge and skills I have learned over the years.


Hello! I’m Katie, I’ve been here since the beginning! General all round good girl, with a great personality and the best hours in the company! When I’m not studying for my degree at The University of Wolverhampton I’m there with the team doing my bit in the office, Subway, Mc D’s on Facebook etc. Oh and I’m the boss’s niece... Guess that helps! x