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With years of experience and extensive knowledge you can be confident that our online health and safety courses now at our sister site "Quality and Qualified Online Training" are of the highest standard. With a wide range of nationally accredited health and safety courses on offer we can assist your workers and business to be at maximum efficiency. To help you make the most of our services we also offer discounts on bulk purchases as well as offering FREE TRIALS on all our online courses.

Our Courses

Asbestos Awareness Courses
Inform and educate your workforce on the dangers of asbestos so that you can feel confident in knowing that they know how to avoid disturbing asbestos materials and stay safe. We provide courses on:

Food Safety and Hygiene Courses
Ensure your business is up date with the latest food safety and hygiene rules and that your employees are all aware of the importance of these in the workplace with our accredited courses:

Fire Safety Training Courses
Keep up to date and ensure your business complies with the latest legislation with our fire safety training courses:

Screen Safety
Help to reduce the risk of ill health amongst staff and improve office well-being, ensuring your company is in the know with our courses to help make your workers aware of working safely with screen equipment.

Health and Safety
Make certain that your business operates at minimal risk to your workers and the public by ensuring your staff are knowledgeable and up to date with general health and safety in the workplace.

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